VIDEO: Watch How Many Tricks This Dog Can Do

We found a video today by Robert Ly that is sure to delight: Boomer is a clever dog who has learned an amazing number of tricks and obedience skills for such a young dog! I lost count!

Not only is this video fun and impressive, but it is educational as well as entertaining: Note how the dog’s owner uses the treats “instantly” as rewards every time Boomer does something right. Part of the skill here is to give the treats “accurately” and quickly, so that the dog becomes highly responsive to the training. Boomer is also responsive to both verbal and gesture cues, which are used together.

Labrador Retreievers aka. Labradors or Labs are well known for being responsive to training and being able to learn a number of different skills. They are also trpically of even temperament and generally very good natured. It is for these reasons that they are often chosen as assistance dogs for blind people, as well as being great companions for the elderly or children.

Labs are the most popular breed of dog in many predominantly English-speaking countries including the USA, Australia and the UK.

VIDEO - Watch How Many Tricks This Dog Can Do - WP
VIDEO: Watch how many tricks this dog can do
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