How To Train Your Dog To Heel Perfectly

This video by Training Positive is a great example of an effective dog training process. By training a dog to heel, it works as a perfect exercise that helps develop various capabilities.

Aside from improving their body awareness and learning ability, this also helps in teaching a dog to communicate much better. Just like in any other trick, this training must be broken up into small successive steps. The need for different little steps is due to the progression of your dog. You can make it learn properly as long as each step gets followed correctly. Be mindful of the fact that some dogs may take much more time to learn this the perfect way. Thus, it is highly important you take the time and patience to teach the process.

After all of this, your dog’s progress will be a highly rewarding experience. Even if it takes weeks to learn, this is one trick that your dog must have in its repertoire. This is not only beneficial for the dog but for you, as an owner or trainer, as well. This will setup a basic foundation of your dog’s disciplinary actions.

The essential thing is that you have to consistently work with your dog. Success requires regular practice and as with the video, you can see that the trainer repeats each step cautiously in order to help the dog grasp the command better.

The trainer started out by placing an object on the floor. This serves as the basis for the dog’s position. By luring the dog to stand on the object, the trainer then follows it up by positioning himself beside the dog. Along with this, the trainer teaches the dog to turn on both directions. If the dog steps off the object, lure it to step on it and try again. The next step is to fade the lure then fade the hand signal. This will then best setup the verbal cue. From here on, the trainer positions himself and commands the dog to heel. After much practice, the final step is to remove the object. This will then help your dog get used to follow you and not rely on any object.

This video showcases a thorough process that will take some time. Practice and patience are your main tools. Let something positive happen each and every time your dog achieves a successful step.

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  1. Great heel training video, looking forward to following your videos,
    I have two GSD brothers and they can be a handful.
    They will be 2yrs old January 1st. Keep up the great work. 😄

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