How To Make Healthy Homemade Dog Treats

This video made by cupcaaakeLove showcases an easy step-by-step process for creating healthy homemade dog treats. Everything in the video is easy to understand because of the visual examples of the ingredients and the process itself. As you go along with the video, the ingredients will be shown and you can even check out the brand of some items. This will assist you in purchasing the right products.

One of the reasons that this dog treat recipe is great is because you can prepare it in just a small amount of time. If you are a busy person but still want to treat your dog with healthy foods, this recipe perfectly fits you.

The video also presents the dog enjoying its treat at the end. The presenter made her dog follow some commands before giving the treats and it’s obvious that the dog enjoyed the food. Always keep in mind, the more the dog loves the treats, the more it will obey your commands. The dog will rely on the instinct that the more it performs the trick, the more it will get rewarded. Thus, having a delicious dog treat will assist your dog in performing better.

The ingredients of the recipe are also very healthy. With regards to flour, kindly take note that unbleached or whole wheat type is considered the healthiest option. In terms of peanut butter, you have a choice between chunky or creamy.

Aside from the ingredients, all you need are mini cookie cutters, a rolling pin, and a mixer. All of these are cheap and are readily available.

The crunchiness of the treat is also worth considering. Soft treats should last for 1 week in normal room temperature while crunchy treats last longer, around 1 to 2 weeks or more. The video also showcases how to store and label the dog treats properly. This is an important takeaway from the video because you have to be aware of the date of creation.

As you finish the video, you can see from the overall eagerness of the dog that the treat is really tasty. This is the overall aim of the video, keeping your dog both healthy and motivated with healthy homemade dog treats. Here is the video:

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