Vaccinating Your Own Dog – What You Should Know

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Vaccination is a controversial subject at the best of times – and of course this goes not just for pets but for people too.

We found an interesting article on the subject which we had to share because the author is a professional with a lifetime of experience. He himself has administered over 200,000 shots to animals over a 30 year career – you can’t really get much more experienced than that!

All vaccinations carry a small risk of anaphylactic shock. Our vet has only seen 3 of these in 200,000 shots given, so you can see that it is rare – but it can be fatal if the right emergency procedures are not immediately taken. In other words, if you were administering the shots yourself at home and this happened, your pet would not make it.

An anaphylactic shock – also known as anaphylaxis – is a type of severe and sudden allergic reaction. It can also occur in humans and is very serious, potentially being fatal. It can also be caused by foods and insect bites. The primary treatment for anaphylaxis in humans is injection with epinephrine. (source – )

Ok, here is the original article (written by a professional) about vaccinating your own pets:

All things considered, I personally would “leave it to the pros”. What about you, where do you stand on this one? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook page!

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