How To Stop Puppy Biting

Zak George shows in this video the top five mistakes usually committed by new owners to their dogs, how they relate to play biting and how to avoid them. Here are the 5 mistakes:

#5 Mistake to avoid: Getting frustrated too easily.

However, this instance is nothing but normal and may take a few weeks and even months to handle. You’ll know instantly when your dog is going to play bite. When this moment comes, you can grab a treat, instruct him to sit, and reward him with the treat when he sits. Do this consistently and you’ll handle this play biting.

#4 Mistake to avoid: Lack of proper supervision.

During the first few days or weeks of having the puppy, you may be contented with the way he behaves. But when he grows bigger, it may become more difficult to control their behavior, especially without proper supervision. You can have him on a leash to be successful in supervising your dog. In this way, you can easily get your dog to avoid any ‘dog accidents’. You can also use a crate, pen or fenced off area for times that you cannot supervise them.

#3 Mistake to avoid: Not adequately socializing your puppy.

It’s important to bring your dog to an environment where he can meet and play with other dogs or see other humans.

#2 Mistake to avoid: Underestimating the physical exercise that many dogs will require.

A dog is also a curious creature. His bones and muscles will need some physical activity like fetching and running.

#1 Mistake to avoid: Letting your puppy off-leash in uncontrolled settings.

Don’t fall into the temptation of letting your puppy off the leash in an uncontrolled environment like a big park. You can let him off-leash in a fenced park or in an area where you can easily supervise him or they can’t get away far.

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