Cute Husky Puppy Shelby

This video features Shelby, a Husky puppy with her sister Shiloh. You’ll see her first few days after being adopted – and it seems she settled in well. She just loves to run! And she also likes to annoy Shiloh relentlessly…

Shelby is the second dog in the group Gone to the Snow dogs, a husky pack which gained popularity on YouTube because of their fun nature and gorgeous appearance. They belong to Jessica and Jaime Hatch, a couple living in Northern Michigan.

Shelby was just six weeks old when she was brought to her new home. Her mother and litter mates rejected her when she was three weeks old so Shelby was more than ready to live with her new family. She wasn’t the first choice to be adopted though; Jessica wanted to adopt a male husky pup but when the couple went to see the puppies, one always followed Jaime around. Every time he pushed her to play with her litter mates, she came back to him and sat at his feet. This pup was fun and playful and that’s how Shelby won their hearts. According to the couple, Shelby is the clown of the pack. She is vocal, hyper and loves attention.

In April of 2011, Shelby won 3rd place in the Bissell Most Valued Pet Photo Contest. She won a $1,000 donation to the Animal Shelter of her owners’ choice, got a full photo shoot and was featured on a Bissell product package. Shelby was born to be a star!

HUSKY PUPPY SHELBY Cute Husky Puppyimage ©

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