How To Teach Your Dog To Stop Chewing

Walking with your dog is one way to bond with your pet. However, there are moments when your dog grabs the leash, turning the leisurely walk into a game of tug. This can be annoying and frustrating on your part. To solve this behavior problem, this video has simple tips to offer.

Dogs bite on the leash for several reasons. When they are on a leash, dogs redirect their frustration or excitement on the lead. To be outdoors meant more exposure to various scents, movement, sound, and sight that stimulate your dog to lose control or act out. Since the leash limits your dog’s excitement, his energy is refocused onto the leash.

The video discusses how to stop your dog from pulling, yanking, mouthing, and chewing the lead while walking outdoors. There is a simple way to correct this annoying behavior. According to the video, you need to gain the trust and respect of your dog before implementing and putting in place five golden rules.

The trick focuses on how to establish little more respect on the walk. The dog owner puts a little chain through her collar, making the first and half of her leash into a chain. This technique lets the dog to change her behavior on her own free will.

As shown in the video, the dog initially attempts to reach for the lead. Then she realizes that she can’t do it anymore. In that situation, the dog surmises that she cannot chew the leash after several jumps to get it. As quick as that, the dog changes her behavior.

Once your dog is able to remain relaxed at the sight of the leash, you can walk with him with very loose lead. The chain used in the video is just a temporary tool. You can revert back to the old lead and test your dog if he will not do leash biting.
Leash correction can be implemented easily if you will treat your dog with respect. This counter-conditioning technique is simple and does not take time, effort, and repetition.

How To Teach Your Dog To Stop Chewing
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