How To Teach Your Dog To Find Things

You can use this video to teach your dog how to find things. Every dog can learn this trick easily. It is one of the basic nose works and one of the ways to use your dog’s natural talents. Teaching your dog to find and fetch things offers mental and physical stimulations, builds your dog’s confidence, and provides an opportunity for you to bond with your dog.

In the video, the dog owner throws a tennis ball behind some tall grass where the dog’s vision is obscured and won’t be able to just spot the object. The dog owner recommends doing this activity in areas where there are bushes or anywhere the toy might be hidden.

After the dog mastered finding the tennis ball, his owner switches to using another toy. He repeats the previous steps of throwing the object behind the bushes where the dog will do the search.

This activity is enjoyable for your dog. It is one of the things that can keep their minds busy. It is one of the most versatile and fun games that your dog can do.

The next phase of the activity requires you do use a verbal cue such as “Find It” or whatever you want. You need to repeat throwing the object into the grassy area until your dog is having a good time finding it.

This trick can improve your communication with your dog. Some dogs can learn it in one session while others may take time to grasp the whole process.

Do not rush the training session with your dog. You need to have the right mindset to practice patience with your dog. Do not ask a lot of your dog. Start from their level and walk your way up until he masters this trick. Also, do not try to lead your dog in this trick. Let him figure it out.

How To Teach Your Dog To Find Things
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