How To Teach Your Dog The Perfect “Stay”

This video by Training Positive teaches is an effective process of teaching any dog to “stay”. Basically, you say “stay” only once, and this cues the dog to “freeze”. The dog holds the stay despite what is happening around them. They remain still until you give the release cue. Keep in mind that you should teach this with the awareness of three factors: duration, distraction, and distance. You have to teach your dog each of these variables as basis. There is a need to guide your dog in every step with a positive approach.

Build the duration of staying in place gradually. The goal is to keep the dog in position and start with a short amount of time. Keep in mind that it would be best to teach this while you are close to your dog. This can allow you to communicate with your dog more authentically and reduce its chances of “breaking stay” and getting up. Start by rewarding frequently for staying. Use your clicker for every eye contact that your dog makes. Start to add more time between rewards. Always connect with the dog verbally because clicking alone is not enough. Always release for every successful ‘stay’. The release word tells the dog that it’s already okay to move. Keep in mind that you should never rush this part of the process. It is best that you practice short sessions of this part several times within a day. Gradually you can adjust the duration up to one minute before releasing then make it two minutes, three minutes and so on.

In the video, the trainer then moved outside to conduct the training. Placing a blanket on the floor, this serves as the area for the dog to associate with the ‘stay’ position. He trains the dog while adjusting his distance then letting a good amount of seconds before clicking and rewarding it. Use natural body movements so that everything will flow naturally even in the future. The trainer gradually increases the distance between him and the dog. After successful attempts, release and try to give your dog a short break. End the session by giving your dog its most favorite thing. In the video, the trainer gave the dog an empty water bottle.

Timing and consistency are also key points in this dog training process. You should time the clicks and the rewards appropriately with your dog’s progress – and the more ‘accurately’ this is done, the easier it is for the animal to grasp the lesson. This dog training video should be on your must-watch list because the training provided is very easy to grasp and the lessons from it can be easily applied to your dog.

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