How To Train A Dog To Carry Objects & Clean Up

Training your dog can be a difficult task, but this video by Training Positive makes it all worth it. In the tutorial, he teaches us how to ask your dog to carry objects and clean up.

If you can help your dog learn how to pick up after himself, then it will really make your life easier!

The method that was used is called a “clicker” technique. It guides the dog into knowing that the behavior that he is doing is correct. You use the clicker first before giving him a treat. Pretty soon the dog will learn that he is doing a good job when he starts to hear the click.

If you’re worried about giving the animal treats all the time, try to play with other kinds of rewards such as giving him praise and affection. You need to take pay attention whenever you decide to touch him. Try to find out which areas of his body that likes to be petted. If he looks away or becomes gruff, that means that it is annoying for him. On the other hand if you feel like he’s wanting more, then that’s the right spot to pet him.

If you feel that your dog is sufficently trained and is able to recognize your commands but choose not do so, you may need to go for undesirable consequences. For example, putting him in time-out, not giving him treats, or not allowing him to play are just some of the “negative reinforcements” that you can employ – without needing to lay a finger on him.

There are so many techniques that can be employed to train your dog. Depending on the dog, some methods may work, and some may not. You have to exercise a lot of patience and calm determination so that you can get the results that you want.

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