How To Teach Your Dog To Play Frisbee

This wonderful video by impresses us because of its effective steps in teaching a dog how to play Frisbee. First of all, the video shows Kristin with her Border Collie that started from scratch and worked its way to learning the whole process. The video is easy to grasp and the principles can be easily applied to your own dog. The visual examples shown through each step of the process can help you easily relate while you train your own dog. The video is very plain and simple; no complicated steps. You can easily see how a dog will actually react to each command before it learns the whole Frisbee-playing process.

The initial step presented is showing the Frisbee and encouraging your dog whenever it shows interest in it. This step is an easy one because dogs are naturally curious about things.

Once your dog gets interested in the Frisbee, the next step is to throw it along the ground near you. This will help your dog get enticed and chase the Frisbee immediately. Take note that you have to encourage your dog and mention lots of praise like ‘good boy’ or ‘good girl’ often. By doing this, the dog will have a positive association towards playing Frisbee.

As soon as your dog successfully learns to go for the Frisbee on the ground, you can now roll it and make it harder for the dog to catch. This is actually raising the criteria in order to make the dog work harder for it.

The next step is to raise the criteria even higher and hold the Frisbee as high as the dog’s head then encourage it to get the Frisbee. You can opt to order your dog with the “come around” command so that you can prepare the Frisbee as you repeat everything. As your dog gets used to this, the next step is to release the Frisbee before it gets a grab on it. You can start by releasing it on a small distance and as your dog progresses; you can throw the Frisbee farther. This will lead your dog to learn the whole process effectively.

A great takeaway from the video is the fact that your dog needs time to learn thoroughly. Never expect it to master the command in too short an amount of time. The border collie in the video learned fully how to play Frisbee after a year of training. The important thing is to support your dog each step of the way and make sure to keep your sessions fun and short.

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