How To Teach Your Dog To Play Hide And Seek

One of the fun games that you can have with your dog is hide-and-seek. This activity can be done with canines of all ages, from old soul seniors to baby puppies. Hide-and-seek is a good way for you to bond with your dogs indoors or out come rain or shine. This is a game that is obedience oriented and stimulating.

Your dog needs to be familiar with the stay or sit command to play this game. He must stay put at a location while you disappear just out of sight. The sit and stay cue words are very important in this game.

Hide-and-seek stimulates your dog’s natural instincts such as scent tracking. Your pet’s sense of smell is sharp enough to get to your hiding place.

Once you are at the hiding place, mutter a slightly-pitched voice to attract the attention of your dog. You can say “save me” or “find me” so your dog can start looking for you.

Your dog initially relies on sounds to know your whereabouts. Once he is near you, he then resorts to his sense of smell. In few seconds, you’ll come face to face with your triumphant dog.

Hide-and-seek is ideal especially in wintertime when your dogs cannot do outdoor activities. When he finds you, give him a treat to engage him more into the game. You can start the game by hiding in an easy spot and then progress into harder to find places.

Praising is another important component of this game. What makes hide-and-seek special is that your dog always gets to win. This is a huge bonus and boosts the confidence of your dog. Issuing a lot of praise reinforces the fact that the game is fun and exciting.

Your dog can get the hang the game easier if you will hide in a place that is not out of sight. But you can also incorporate obstacles and challenges each time you play. If the weather is perfect for outdoor hide-and-seek, hide outside and let your dog work out where you have gone.

How To Teach Your Dog To Play Hide And Seek
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