How To Teach Your Dog To Roll A Ball

You can bring out your dog’s “inner herder” with this trick, which combines the elements of sports and obedience. This trick is both mental and physical exercise for you and your dog when done outside. For teaching your dog how to roll a ball, a clicker, some treats, and a ball are only needed.

This activity can be done easier if your dog is adept with the touch and cue. The first thing to do is to introduce the ball to the dog. If your dog responds to any sort of movement, give him a reward. You need to click every time the dog responds.

Start the training session by putting the ball close to your dog’s nose. You can place the ball in different spots. You should not allow your dog to place his paw on the ball. If he keeps on doing that, do not give a treat. Once he learns to touch the dog using his nose, you can proceed to get the dog into a different direction. The cue “roll” can be employed once your dog gets used to putting his nose on the ball.

If your dog has already mastered this trick, you can do it outside on the field. Playing soccer with your dog is one way to practice this trick. However, you need to teach another trick to teach your dog to roll a ball.

You can use shaping to teach your dog to roll a ball into a net. Rewarding is important when doing this trick. If your dog shows any interest in the ball, give him a treat. Another reward should be given once the dog learns to sniff or touch the ball.

The aim of this trick is for the dog to nudge the ball to a designated net or goal area. Non-force methods, clicker training, and shaping are imperative to get the desired behaviors. You can use this session to compete with your dog for fun and bonding.

Verbal and hand signals are needed when teaching your dog how to roll a ball into a designated goal area. This activity can help your dog’s behaviors when faced with distractions and complexity on the field. The dog is expected to perform off-leash and at an increasing distance from its handler. It is advised to use fitness balls for this activity. These balls are brightly colored, inflatable, and light.

How To Teach Your Dog To Roll A Ball
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