Important Training Tips Every Dog Owner Should Know

This video taken from the Queen Latifah show is very short but has a very strong message. Cesar Millan samples the important tips that every dog owner should know. Of course, Cesar is a veteran in dog training and probably the most popular trainer in the world due to his numerous shows, books, and even websites. Cesar Millan’s clear message in the video is to never overreact or be hyper when dealing with your dog.

The first tip that Cesar showcases is how to properly feed your dog. He even sampled how some of his clients act when feeding their dogs. They try to make a big deal about feeding their dogs. Cesar points out that the food already on its own is a cause for excitement for your dog. Your dog will smell the food even from far away. There’s no need to make it feel excited even more and make a big deal out of the whole thing.

In the video, Cesar demonstrates how to properly place the bowl down in front of the dog. He points out that it should be done this way so that it can prevent your dog to just dive in straight to the food. The best thing is to slowly place it down and then give the cue properly so that your dog will eat it the right way. Cesar also points that it’s all about power and controlling instincts.

Cesar also pointed out their wrong action of saying the command “sit” and “stay” over and over again.

Another tip that Cesar pointed out is how to properly put a dog on the leash. He again samples people who showcase an overexcited aura upon going outside with their dogs. If anything, the most important aspect is to keep your dog calm before going out. You need to make your dog feel relaxed even before you go outside of the house. As soon as you touch the door knob and open the door, you need your dog composed. This will set you up for a positive walk outside.

Cesar’s message is clear, just take it easy. You don’t have to make a big deal out of things. Your dog will obey and act properly if you, as an owner, act “correctly”. You have to establish your relationship with your dog and still be the master of your house. Hopefully, you take this short but effective video very seriously and apply it with how you treat your dog.

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