How To Train Your Dog Not To Jump

One of the concerns that a new dog parent may encounter is the unwanted jumping of your new dog. In this video, Zak George addresses this with an easy solution.

According to Zak, there are reasons for the unwanted jumping of your dog. The main reasons are the lack of physical exercise, mental activities, and/or overall communication. Asking a dog that has a lot of energy not to jump is a mistake. The dog will not even notice a food reward, because he just wants to have playtime. Zak highlights that the dog should have a solid training of sit and stay before moving forward to training him not to jump.

As a dog owner, you should understand that jumping to your face is the dog’s way of greeting you, showing love, or saying “I love you”. Zak lays down the golden rule of jumping. He says that it is your responsibility as the dog’s “parent” not to pay attention to him unless his four feet are on the ground. Rather than punishment, it is advised to use attention, and the taking away of the attention, as a conditioning method. You must react quickly and thus communicate to your dog whether you approve or don’t like what they are doing. When you don’t react quickly, the dog may think that he can just get away with this unwanted behavior.

Training your dog not to jump requires sincerity and patience just like other dog trainings. The traditional advice for this unwanted behavior is by crossing your arms and turning away from them until they stop jumping. However, just like any other dog training, communication should be also part of training your dog not to jump. One form is through eye contact. It’s also important that you give consistent consequences to your dog to show him that you don’t like his unwanted behavior.

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