How To Train Your Puppy To Stop Biting

There are two main reasons dogs do “play biting”. It’s either simply because they are teething and want to chew on something, or they are trying to engage to us and their environment because this is their way of grabbing things.

If your dog is teething, then you should make sure that the dog has easy and regular access to safe teething toys. According to dog trainer Zak George, it may take a few weeks to address this kind of dog behavior. Thus, you must be patient with how to train your puppy to stop biting.

One of the practices a dog parent should do before training the dog to stop biting is desensitizing him with regular touch. Massage parts of the dog’s body like his paws, ear, face, etc. In this way, the dog is feeling relaxed and likely to lessen his biting behavior. You can do this kind of practice early morning. If you have an extra energetic dog, then it’s mandatory to do this regularly throughout the day.

Use reinforcements such as a toy. Allow him to bite the toy and enjoy the time releasing his energy to the toy. You can also use food as a treat to motivate him to learn to stop biting. You can ask the dog to sit or lie down and reward him with a food. In this way, you can give the dog a time to respond to what you’re asking rather than biting you. Be consistent and patient with this training and take into consideration the age and breed of the dog.

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