How To Train Your Dog To Drop Something

This video by DomesticatedManners takes on an alternative approach when it comes to teaching the “drop” command to a dog. Take note though that this technique should not be used on dogs that are highly overprotective of their food or other resources: The training includes touching a dog’s treats and also getting a dog’s toy – scenarios in which dogs that are overprotective might tend to act aggressive or even bite. If you want to perform this technique on a dog with behavioral problems, it is highly suggested that you get a qualified trainer first. Let the trainer evaluate everything first to decide if this technique would be appropriate for your dog or not.

The video showcases a trainer helping a dog learn the drop command in different types of situations. This is what makes this video great; being able to teach your dog to obey the command in spite of different real-life situations. Your dog will face different instances or different environments but if you train it right, the command will still be followed properly.

The initial step is to teach your dog to eat all the treats that you drop. The trainer in the video performs this exercise many different times so that the dog will get familiar with the first step. Take note that the trainer already mentions the command ‘drop’ on this step so that the dog will get acquainted with the command.

The trainer then moves on to the next step and adds a toy as the dog’s primary interest. He will then order the ‘drop’ command and drop treats on the floor. The drop command will take effect properly once the dog drops the toy on his mouth and go for the dog treats. The trainer points all of the treats to the dog then he gets the toy. As soon as the dog finishes eating all the treats, the trainer will throw the toy back. This routine gets repeated but the trainer utilizes different things and replaces the toy to showcase variation in spite of having the same drop command in tow. Initially, all the training was featured inside a training room but at the end of the video, they go outside to familiarize the dog with a varied environment as well.

This is a great technique but may not work for all dogs, especially those with behavioral problems. Nevertheless, if you are running out of effective techniques to teach your dog to drop what’s on its mouth then go for this one! Take time and patience because it might not be easy. Keep practicing until your dog gets it in different environments or situations. The reward in the end will all be worth it.

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