How To Teach Your Dog To Roll Over, Play Dead, Sit, Lie Down – Fast

This video by Zak George’s Dog Training rEvolution is a very effective video utilizing the lure training technique. If you have a new dog, this video will serve highly beneficial for you because the training here presents a fast way to teach multiple commands in a shorter amount of time. It showcases an effective strategy to encourage dogs to position themselves in various postures that you want them to adopt. Dogs are not “forced” with this type of technique and they work on their own in a voluntary way. This promotes a positive approach wherein a dog will feel that they like what they are doing and having fun.

Contrary to popular belief, dogs can learn multiple commands at the same time. It can actually be seen as a kind of brain exercise for them. The dog becomes more responsive because multiple commands can teach it to think. When the dog gets to actually think about something it is beneficial in terms dog training instead of just physically doing something. Now, in terms of dog treats, that’s not the only reason why this technique works. It works because your relationship with your dog also improves effectively.

When it comes to luring a dog, once it goes into the right position, even in baby steps, reward it appropriately. Aside from the food treat, reward your dog with verbal praise. Be sincere as you reward your dog because this will strengthen your bond. Let your dog know what it’s doing when teaching it something new. In the video, you can see Zak say the command as the dog does the proper movement. You don’t have to repeat and repeat the command without much sense. Make sure that you say the command when your dog tend to properly perform and when you think that your dog has already learned it correctly. In the video, Zak teaches the roll over, play dead, sit, and lie down command in a progressive and effective approach.

Reward your dog heavily when you see a significant milestone in its progress. This means giving your dog a whole bunch of treats at one time. This will help your dog feel that it did way better than you expected. The whole essence of this training is to utilize a great technique, which is luring, and encouraging your dog by providing rewards. If the dog likes what it does, it will repeat it over and over. Your dog will voluntarily follow your command because it knows that something positive might come out of it. Utilize this dog training video and make sure to apply it among your dog training techniques!

How To Teach Your Dog To Roll Over, Play Dead, S-WP
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