How To Teach Your Dog The Give Paw Trick

How To Teach Your Dog The Give Paw Trick
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One of the basic tricks that you can teach to your dog is to “give paw”. This trick can easily be learned by your dog if he already uses his paws to play or get attention. In the video, animal trainer Jo Anne Basinger gives instructions on how your dog can easily give you his paw on command.

You need a pocketful of treats to conduct this activity with your dog. These treats will motivate your dog during the session. Your dog needs to sit down in a location where there are few or no distractions. He needs to remain focused while learning the trick.

Use “Paw” as a call or cue every time you want your dog to give you his or her paw. The verbal command is a very important component of the training process. This should be used consistently throughout the activity.

Please take not that the treats should not be seen by your dog during the entire activity. You can only show the treat to get his attention, then create a fist to hide the treat.

If your dog responds by stretching his paw to your closed fist, immediately give him a verbal phrase such as “good boy”. Use your other hand to grab your dog’s paw. Then open your fist to give him the treat.

Your dog needs to consistently do the trick before you can add a verbal cue. “Paw” is one of the verbal cues that can be applied. This cue should be mentioned after you have closed your fist and before he lifts his paw to get the treat.

It is also important to teach your dog to give you his paw in response to a verbal cue but without treats. This can be done gradually in several training sessions.

According to Basinger, teaching this trick needs patience and can only be done by breaking down into small achievable steps. Repetition is important to burn the trick into your dog’s mind. Enough practice is needed before your dog can have a full grasp of this trick.

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