It’s So Fluffy I’m Gonna Die

This video features Chubbi, a fluffy Pomeranian puppy. She’s like a cotton ball with legs, so cute! Chubbi is playful and you can’t help but totally adore her. Her fur isn’t completely grown yet but in a few months, you can expect the plush coat to come through.

Pomeranians originated – surprisingly – from sled dogs of the Artic regions. To combat the cold, these dogs have two layers of coat and although Poms were drastically bred down in size during their development; the trait of two layers stayed with the breed. Pom puppies have a much different appearance than adults because their coats are soft and short but when they become 4 to 6 months old, they will begin shedding their puppy fur. The soft, one layered coat is replaced with the double coat of a dense inner layer and an outer layer of long guard hairs.

When the puppy matures, it is completely normal for its fur to change color. It will be one color as a pup and a different color as an adult dog.

Their fur is the most outstanding feature of Pomeranians so an owner should be aware of every fur issue affecting the breed. Poms shed their fur all year round. It grows and falls out on a continual basis. It is for this reason that owners must be prepared to brush out the coat regularly to pull out the shed hairs.

Here are other reasons for fur problems in Pomeranians:

1. Female hormones – For female Poms, their fur will fall out during or after a heat cycle due to changing hormone levels. A female can also shed quite a bit of fur after having puppies.

2. Stress – Stress can affect a Pom’s fur growth.

3. Allergies – This can make your dog’s skin so dry and itchy that the fur falls out.

4. Black skin disease – When a Pom has this disease, its fur grows in with an odd wooly type texture and then will fall out.

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