Labradors Are Awesome Compilation

Labradors are without a doubt, one of the cutest and most intelligent breed of dogs ever. In this video, you’ll see Labradors goofing around, just being their silly selves. There’s a clip where a dog got its head stuck inside a jar of cheese puffs. It might be amusing for a moment but this is actually dangerous. If ever this happens to your dog, please remove the jar immediately rather than making videos!

Labrador Retrievers come from the island of Newfoundland, off the northeastern Atlantic coast of Canada. They were originally known as St. John’s dogs, after the capital city of the island. The Labs served as companions and helpers to the local fishermen in the 1700s. The fishermen used the St. John’s dog to retrieve fish that had fallen off their hooks and to help haul in fishing lines through the water. The dogs enjoyed the retrieving tasks given in the fishing environment. Check out this Labrador training page.

It was said that the dogs would work long hours with the fishermen then be brought home to play with the fishermen’s children. This level of energy can still be found in Labrador Retrievers today.

It wasn’t long until outsiders noticed the dog’s usefulness and good nature. When the dogs were later brought to England to serve as retrievers for hunting, they were named after the geographic area known as “the Labrador”. They were called Labrador Retrievers because they “retrieved” game in the Labrador Sea.

The breed almost went extinct by the 1880s. In Newfoundland, the breed disappeared due to government restrictions and tax laws. Families were only allowed to keep one dog and owning a female was highly taxed. Girl puppies at the time were culled from litters. However in England, the breed survived.

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