List Of 200+ Medical Conditions Of Dogs And Cats

List Of 200+ Medical Conditions Of Dogs And Cats - WP
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We found an amazing website on pet health and had to share! The main page lists over 200 medical conditions of dogs and cats – and each one has its own full page of detailed information, including pictures and diagrams.

Please note of course that these are not to be seen as a substitute for consultation with a veterinarian, but this information will certainly be useful and the page is a great candidate to be bookmarked so that you have a lookup for when you need it.

Our cats and dogs obviously can’t talk in words their bodily concerns and ailments. They raise the red flag of “I need help!” however through changes in physical appearance and behavior. This is where every responsible pet owner should enter the picture, keeping a vigilant eye for something abnormal in his or her dogs and cats. We should know as we see our pets on a daily basis; it shouldn’t take that long for us to realize our family members are not being themselves and are acting weird. In a few cases nonetheless, detecting subtle signs of illnesses can be extraordinarily difficult, even for the most concerned and caring pet parent. Cats in particular are very good at hiding or masking the signs that warrant an investigation.

Keeping ourselves well informed about the most common signs and symptoms indicative of certain diseases not only spares our pets from prolonged suffering and discomfort but also leaves our pockets still with some money to spare – and our minds with less worry. It doesn’t take a genius to know that veterinary or medical cost for invasive procedures, surgery, and drugs can sometimes be hard on your wallet, and spending could have been less superfluous, should you have kept the extent of the damage to a minimum.

There are a myriad of medical conditions that could possibly afflict your dog or cat, but as mentioned earlier, it all boils down to understanding the most common signs and symptoms and, in turn, learning when to rush your pet to the vet’s office for professional care.

Here’s the link to the full list:

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