How To Make An All-Natural Pet Shampoo

How To Make An All-Natural Pet Shampoo - WP

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We found a very interesting article all about do-it-yourself organic shampoos and rinses for dogs and cats. It describes safe, natural and organic methods that you can use to create your own pet shampoos and rinses. The procedure is quite easy to follow and there are also various herbal rinses to choose from. The link is after our introduction.

Like humans, our pets also need cleaning. We are particular about our hair and there are many people who wash it every day. So imagine how it would be if your body was covered with thick, fine fur or hair just like your four-legged family member.

Is it really important to apply shampoo and rinses on our pets? Well our pets wear their coat 24/7 and they obviously can’t just remove it when it’s already soiled. They do not wear shoes like we do. Plus, they have a different set of ‘rules’ regarding where they are poking their noses at, where they roll on, or where they tread.

Also, although many do not consider this, just like humans, our pets can also get sick from lack of good hygiene. But (most obviously), they are all the more cuddly and huggable when they are all fresh and clean! If bathing makes us feel good inside, perhaps your furry friends get the same feeling from it and deserve some too.

According to Dr. Karen Becker, some pets need more regular baths than others. She says that it depends on the type of coat your pet has, where you live, the type of food you provide to your pet, the ‘lifestyle’ of the animal, his exposure to environmental toxins and chemicals, and whether your pet deals with recurrent outbreaks of itching or irritated skin.

One issue that is widespread is that the regulations for what is permitted in animal products and food are sometimes not as stringent as they are for humans. This means that regular animal shampoo products may contain chemical ingredients which may cause sensitivities in some pets. People who are already fans of the all-natural way of things will thus be interested in the tutorial we discovered from the ever wonderful Ottawa Valley Dog Whisperer.

Ok, here’s the link to the original tutorial for DIY Recipes for Safe, Natural, Herbal, Homeopathic Shampoos and Rinses:

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