Our Tiny White Micro Teacup Pomeranian Puppy

Meet Coconut, a cute and tiny “Teacup Pomeranian“. She’s just so adorable and seems to fit in really well with her new family. The other dog, Mango, is just as adorable. She seems confused though and appears to be unsure on how to deal with her frisky new sister. The two looks very precious especially with their doggy shirts on!

Mango and Coconut’s fur looks magnificent. After all, fur is every Pomeranian’s crowning glory that’s why it requires regular maintenance. But there is a disease that could cause their fur to shed off. It is called the Black Skin Disease or BSD and is very common to most Spitz breed especially Poms.

When a Pom has this, you will notice odd patches of fur that look different from other areas. The fur will be short and often has the appearance and texture of wool. The fur in those spots will begin to thin out and will continue to shed over the course of a few weeks to a few months until it reaches the point of those areas being completely void of fur.

The exact cause of Black Skin Disease is still unknown and more research needs to be done. There is also no sure way to cure this disease but there are things owners can do to help. One method is to spay or neuter the pet. This is not a guaranteed solution but it does often work. Melatonin can also help sometimes. It’s an oral supplement that’s not harmful to dogs. It can be bought in 3 mg tablets at most health food stores or vitamin retail outlets. The proper dosage of melatonin for Pomeranian hair loss is 1 mg per day. Since most tablets come in a 3 mg size, obtain a pill cutter for proper dosing. Slowly reduce the dose once the fur is starting to grow back.

Note that as a general rule, human medications and supplements should never be given to your pet. There are some that are ok but that is really a vet’s area of specialty as the constitution of animals can be quite different to our own.

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