Natural Remedies For Anxiety In Dogs

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I read an interesting article by Ottawa Valley Dog Whisperer about the natural remedies for reducing anxiety in dogs. I actually didn’t know that there’s a doggie version of Prozac. I know, it seems crazy to think about it… but it is a fact that anxiety can be a serious issue among canines. It can sometimes lead to aggression.

I used to be scared of dogs. OKay, I wasn’t just scared. I was terrified. :/ When I was younger, my grandparents had 4 rambunctious dogs. They were very hyper and one of them exhibited signs of aggression. There was one time when I almost got bitten and that incident triggered my phobia. As I grew up, I slowly got over my fear. I’m thankful for shows like Dog Whisperer because it gave me a clearer understanding of a dog’s psyche. I’m now more aware of noting the signs of anxiety such as observing the dog if its tail is in between the legs or if it has a “half moon eye”.

After reading the article, I learned that aside from rehabilitation (which is the first step to taking control as a pack leader), you should also take note of the dog’s diet. It should be rich in Omega 3 fatty acids. These are usually found in flax seeds, walnuts, beans and fish.

These healthy fats will help reduce the hormones that induces anxiety. It will also improve the communication between the brain cells, enabling your dog to follow and learn tricks better and faster.

Taking Omega 3 fatty acids is not just essential for humans, it’s also great for dogs. It’s way safer than having to give him a Prozac that has a lot of harmful side effects.

Show your dog that you are in control – because your anxiety or uncertainty can be felt by these animals.

Exercise, diet, discipline and affection – those are the words that you need to keep in mind when you’re dealing with your pets.

Okay, so here’s the article:

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