Dog Training 101: How To Train Any Dog The Basics

I came across this awesome video by Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution and it teaches you how to train your dog with the basic tricks. In this video, he is teaching you how to get your dog to look at you with the use of a clicker method.

The origins of Clicker Training is based on BF Skinner’s research on operant conditioning. It’s a type of learning that is based on how an individual learns by the consequences of his behavior. Clicker training uses positive reinforcement. A trainer uses a clicker to mark the behavior that was being reinforced. It’s the same approach that you would usually do with human toddlers. If a toddler did something good, some parents would clap and it would remind the kid that he did something right. Most children would often repeat the behavior if there is positive reinforcement.

The same principle applies on animals. The clicker sound makes it more certain that the dog did something good as it’s soon followed with a treat or affection. So whenever the dog hears a click, he knows that he did a good job and that he should keep doing it.

Most people have to take a very patient approach to training dogs. It’s the same thing as teaching kids how to potty train. It will take patience and dedication. A behavior will be learned if it’s done continuously as long as it’s supported by positive reinforcement.

Assign one member of the family to do the training first because the dog will get confused if it has to follow different styles from different people. That member of the family has to have the patience to do this because it’s going to be challenging but the results will be worth it in the end.

Taking care of your pet dog is just like having your own baby. They need love and affection, but they also have to be disciplined well. It will really make a big difference. If you don’t know how to train your pet, try looking for training classes near your area.

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