Natural Dental Care For Dogs And Cats

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We found a great article on a wide array of natural / herbal interventions one can employ to improve or maintain a pet’s oral health.

I can remember in the old days that most people didn’t bother with dental care for their pets. It was not ‘fashionable’ and probably not really considered very often. However, times have changed and so has awareness: Dogs and cats can suffer from bad teeth in a similar way to humans – and so nowadays dental care for pets is given much higher consideration. And of course now that natural products are highly regarded for a number of reasons, some pet owners want to go the all-natural route with their animals.

Good oral hygiene safeguards your pet from not only gum inflammation and tartar formation but also periodontal disease. Without cleaning, bacteria colonize on the surface of the teeth, attaching persistently by means of a protective and adhesive secretion. This process gives birth to plaque, and when left as it is within 48 hours, tartar is formed upon the action of salivary minerals on plaque. Tartar spells disaster to your dog or cat. Gums can become irritated and swollen. Untreated inflammation in turn starts to run its painful course and affects the tissues in your pet’s mouth. Periodontal disease is a distressing condition for any pet. If the teeth become decayed or broken, to eat with pleasure can be the most difficult activity to perform.

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