Road Trips With Your Dog: Do’s and Don’ts

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Contrary to what some people believe (cat people no doubt!), bringing your dogs with you on a road trip is a lot more exciting and fun than leaving them under the care of dog sitters or pet hotels. Most dogs are naturally adventurous and usually thrilled to go on an adventure!

However, there are do’s and don’ts which need be considered prior to road trips to ensure the safety and comfort of your dog. Before going on long trips, try to acclimatize your dogs to the car by taking short rides with them across the town. This helps them get used to carriers and safety belts. Also, this can reveal if your dog has carsick or nervous tendencies. If you find out that they have these tendencies, road trips are less advisable – but you can ask for the opinions of professional veterinarians who might prescribe sedation or other medications if needed.

Also, try to expose the dog to new environments before the trip. One research shows that some dogs find it uncomfortable to eliminate bowels in strange and new places. So to prevent any hassle later with regards elimination, try to walk them in new and unfamiliar areas.

Before hitting the road, try to book in a place to stay which warmly welcomes dogs, so as to avoid uncomfortable situations later on. Many hotels do not allow pets so before traveling, book yourself a room in a place that is pet friendly. [1]

Before leaving, never forget to attach an ID to your dog with your cellphone number and any other essential info attached to the collar. Also, make sure to bring everything that your dog needs such as adequate food, water, toys and medications. Feed your dog on time. Also, don’t overfeed your dog before the trip because it can cause motion sickness. While on the road, avoid overfeeding them. [2] Bringing their toys may help calm anxious dogs and make them feel at home.

Bedding, treats and leashes are also must-haves when traveling with your pets. When traveling, give them some time to relieve themselves outside the car. Never leave them unaccompanied in the car especially when its very warm outside. The car can easily turn into a hot oven which can cause fatal dehydration to your dog. [3]

What we’ve discussed above are just some of the most basic tips when traveling with your dog. Learn more detailed tips when bringing a canine with you at this page:

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