What You Need to Know About Your Pet’s Food

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Ensuring that your dog gets the best quality of food is probably one of the best things that you can do to reciprocate the overwhelming love, attention and devotion which your pet shows you. However, many pet owners nowadays have learned to rely on commercially prepared dog foods which, to be honest, sometimes compromise the nutrition which their pets can obtain.

One veterinarian insisted that consumption of commercially prepared dog may bring about significant damage to the health of dogs! Whereas, raw and natural foods bring potential benefits which may include cleaner teeth, shinier coat, healthier skin, and higher energy levels. [1]

Though dogs are known to be omnivorous, there are certain raw foods which your dog must refrain from consuming. These include guacamole, macadamia nuts, raw eggs and meat, as well as sugary foods. Though grapes are often given as treats, experts advised to avoid this fruit as it can trigger the onset of kidney failure.

On the other hand, chocolates are considered as a big no-no for dogs because of their theobromine content which can cause diarrhea, seizure, tremors, abnormal heart rhythm, and even death. Meanwhile, garlic and onion in any form can cause bring about substantial damage to the red blood cells which may eventually lead to anemia. [2] See also our List Of Foods You Should NEVER Feed To Dogs

Despite the usefulness of raw food consumption, many dog owners still opt for commercially produced feed because of the convenience it brings. However, as research have shown, dog owners must be keen and knowledgeable about the content and ingredients of these foods as they are often inferior or laden with additives that can bring detrimental effects to the health of dogs. [3]

There are at least two basic considerations in choosing the type of food to feed your pet. These include freshness and rotation. Fresh foods are said to contain high quality and natural ingredients which are claimed to be beneficial in optimizing the overall health condition of dogs. By consuming fresh food, dogs are able to utilize bio-nutrients such as vitamins, mineral, probiotics, enzymes, and antioxidants in their most intact, raw and digestible forms. On the other hand, rotation is useful in giving your pet the variety of diet it deserves.

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