How To Teach Your Dog To Take A Bow

Taking a bow is a fun trick that your dog can learn easily. This trick is ideal for dogs which are familiar with some basics such as sitting and lying down at your command. Dogs interpret the bow position as a submissive posture. This behavior is great to ease the tension between dogs and to encourage play between them.

You can use several methods for teaching the take a bow trick including capturing, luring, and shaping. Before using one these methods, you need to ensure that it works with his natural traits, instincts, and behaviors.

In the video, animal trainer Jo Anne Basinger uses the shaping technique to teach the bowing trick. This method involves breaking down a behavior into small, achievable steps and observing the dog’s movement slowly before achieving the desired result. The shaping technique is an organized way to build the trick piece by piece by adopting baby steps. Once the behavior is established, the verbal cue is integrated.

Start this activity by having your dog in a standing up position. Your dog needs to be familiar with the ìstandî command. If he is not adept with this command, work it on before doing the session.

Use a clicker to mark your dog that he needs to be in a standing position. Then hold the treat in your hand and drop it to the floor. Your dog should lower his head to keep his eyes on the treat. You should click prior to giving your dog his treat.

Repeat the previous steps for a few times to get him used to the movement and receiving a reward. You need to reward your dog from your hand to prevent his rear end from going down once he bows.

You can proceed to add a cue once your dog exhibits this behavior without mistake. The cue is given before the dog offers his behavior. In the video, Jo Anne gives her dog a curtsy which the canine reciprocates with a bow. Using your legs as a cue is an alternative to hand signals. The animal trainer adds some cuteness to the curtsy by asking her dog ìJack, who’s the queen?î

According to Basinger, you need to have observational skills when training your dog. In this session, Jo Anne waits for her dog to take a bow himself without being commanded to do it.

How To Teach Your Dog To Take A Bow
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