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Ok, we just found a great list that people are sure to appreciate: Top 10 Best Dog Breeds For Kids. This list is compiled from breeds that are known for their calm temperament, guardian qualities, and also some breeds that are “tough yet gentle” – because kids can sometimes be boisterous and so it’s better to have a type of dog that is physically stronger so as to be able to deal with a little “rough and tumble” type play, yet still remain good natured. In general, it is thought that small / highly strung dogs are not ideal for children.

The list is ‘spread out’ over 10 pages (a little frustrating, right?) and so here is the list of 10 breeds with our own notes:
1. Golden Retriever. Similar, but not as big as the Labrador Retriever… the Golden Retriever is loyal, obedient and patient, making them great for kids.

2. Labrador Retriever. Aka the Yellow Lab…. this is one of the most popular of all family dogs and considered perfect for kids. Labs are highly trainable, good natured and super cute when puppies!

3. Poodle. Good natured and smart, these are popular family dogs.

4. Irish Setter. A hugely popular “big dog”, Irish setters are energetic and playful.

5. Vizsla. This was a new one on me! Have you heard of this breed?? Apparently they are gentle, loyal and quiet.

6. Newfoundland. These large dogs are very sweet natured and adore children. Another interesting fact – these dogs are known for their swimming ability and have even saved lives!

7. Collie. Protective and smart, collies are very popular family dogs. Just be careful they don’t start herding the kids and nipping the ankles during run-around time!

8. Bull Terrier. Probably better suited to families with boisterous boys, the bull terrier is friendly yet well built.

9. Beagle. Beagles are generally friendly, smart and good natured dogs, are sturdy and like to play.

10. Bulldog. Bulldogs are solidly built, loyal and yet generally placid and laid back. They can however be prone to health issues such as hip problems.

Some other breeds such as German shepherd are adored by children yet because they are highly intelligent working dogs, they do best with structured training and exercise and are thus not necessarily ideally suited to family scenarios. They can also have health issues.

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What do you think of this list? Do you have any other thoughts or recommendations? Are there other dogs you have found to be great with kids? Let us know! 🙂

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