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We have found a useful list of dog breeds that don’t smell as much compared to others. The link follows after our introduction to the topic. Nobody wants stinky dogs for pets. But this can happen for a number of reasons, which we have investigated below. A common cause is when they don’t get adequate grooming and medical needs regularly. Unlike humans who sweat, dogs perspire from their hair follicles and paws. They actually produce a chemical scent that is unique to every dog, though they smell the same to humans. Meanwhile, their ears produce a yeasty smell. With adequate grooming and bathing, these odors can be kept at the minimum. Things only get worst whenever bacteria and virus begin to take over. [1]

In many cases, owners believe that has dog’s bad small was merely caused by rolling in some smelly stuff. While this may be the case, some don’t understand that stinking in dogs might actually be an indication that it is suffering from certain health conditions.

If there is bad breath, this is often caused by infected gums, dental diseases, skin illnesses, or even infected ears. But it could even be that your dog is enduring diabetes or kidney failure.

Another nasty cause of bad smell might be that the anal sacs or glands of your dog has been infected or impacted. Normally, these sacs tend to produce a very foul secretion which goes with the feces when your pet has a bowel movement. When these glands are infected, it produces additional secretions whenever your pet gets overly excited or scared. [2]

Whenever foul odors appear, owners can do some tricks to overcome it. With sufficient grooming and regular bathing, some cases of foul odor may be eliminated. Poor grooming especially in dogs with long fur is perhaps one of the most common factors that elicit foul odor. An unclean or poor-groomed hair coat often traps dirt and other unnecessary substances which can only cause bad odor [3] – especially if the dog gets wet. Providing a fresh, clean, and flea-free bedding for your dog can also help in dealing with the smell.

Flatulence may also be the root cause of the smell. This seems to be caused by generic types of canned dog food – however frequent occurrence of flatulence may signify that the dog has an intestinal or digestive illness. A change in diet might help. However, a change in diet may require the supervision of a professional vets to achieve optimum results. For anal sac problems that cause odors, the help of professional behaviorist and vets may be needed as this condition is often triggered by behavioral problems. [4]

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