What To Do With Your Pets When You Go On Vacation

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As a responsible and loving pet owner, your responsibility to your cat or dog does not temporarily stop if you decide to go on a vacation. Also, your vacation would not really be a fulfilling and totally fun experience if you feel guilty about leaving your adorable pet at home without securing that its needs are adequately provided.

Whenever you decide to spend some time away from home, you have three general options on what to do with your pet. You may choose to leave them at home and have someone in the neighborhood drop by to provide its basic needs regularly. You can also hire a professional pet sitter, or get someone to stay at home to look after your dog. Having someone to stay at home to take care of your pet seems to be a cost-effective decision most especially when you have multiple pets left behind. [1]

The good thing about leaving your pet at home instead of sending them to kennels is that your dog gets to stay in a very familiar surrounding. This way, he doesn’t get stressed over meeting new dogs and staying in a new and unfamiliar surroundings. Kennels may suit best for very sociable and friendly breeds of dogs. [2]

Your second choice is to leave your pet into someone else’s home. It could be your neighbor or a relative’s home. You may also choose to leave them in your vet’s place, or send them to a pet hotel, or boarding facility. This seems to be an excellent choice, however, when cost is taken into consideration, it can be prohibitive. Though when you consider the quality and reliability, you can be sure that your pet is properly groomed and fed on time. However, some pet owners may not prefer this strategy because their pet is caged for a period of time. [3]

Lastly, you can opt to bring them with you. Although they can be a hassle on your trip, it saves you from worrying about their situation should you decide to leave them at home. Also, it saves you from feeling guilty about leaving them at home, while you are having a good time away from them.

Each of these choices has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Regardless of your choice, the welfare of your pet should still remain as the major consideration. For more detailed info on what to do with your dog when you go on a vacation, visit this website: http://www.thebarefootnomad.com/travel-tips/what-to-do-with-your-pets-when-you-go-on-vacation/.

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