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We found a great page of ten dog training tips. The link is after our commentary.

Would-be dog owners sometimes fall under the wrong impression that keeping a dog as a household companion only consists of “all things sweet, good, and adorable.” Before you let the excitement fill your brain completely at the thought of owning a perfectly cuddly, or energetic and playful, or stoic and brave dog, do your homework first. Understand what you are getting yourself into.

Anyone with first-hand experience in dog care is aware of how equally difficult but fulfilling dog training can be. There’s a “special needs” checklist to look into too from to time to ensure your dog is as happy and healthy as it should be. Once you are through with the research, having all points considered already, and have actually decided to take a new family member in your household, then here is where a lifetime of fun starts.

Remember that dogs are pack animals in nature and require a pack leader to help them get their act together. His mom and littermates used to be the source of his life lessons, particularly his social skills, but now you should assume that role and prove your authority. More than just his food provider and his companion in walks around the park, you should be the “alpha dog” worthy of recognition for your leadership skills. Dogs communicate their thoughts and needs through their body language, barks, and noises, and as dog owners, it is vital to “listen” to what your dog is trying to convey.

In the dog kingdom, human rules make no sense at all. Even a smart puppy is certainly clueless at first about household manners, obedience, and travel propriety. There are a thousand things that he may not identify as incorrect or improper unless his human buddy steps into the picture. Before jumping immediately into dog training proper, here are a handful of tips to note:

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