What Snoring Says About Your Dog’s Health

What Snoring Says About Your Dog’s Health - WP
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There’s nothing like succumbing to your drowsiness on a cozy bed after a day’s hard work and letting the blankets comfort you, your pet puppy at the corner of your bedroom. You drift asleep, gradually sending yourself straight to dreamland. Then… you wake up because of a train-like snore from your dog. Goodbye, sleep!

Snoring results from the partial obstruction of your dog’s airway during his breathing while asleep. As long as your dog breathes and sleeps, he is bound to snore at some point in his life, but it may be just “soft.” However canine snorers can produce very loud, labored, and unpleasant snuffling and rattling noises and are notorious bearers of bouts of unwelcome wakefulness to their owners. Short-nosed, flat-faced dog breeds such as Pugs and Bulldogs in particular are prone to snoring. These dogs have shorter and narrower airways, potentially making the process of getting the air in more difficult.

Snoring can negatively affect the well-being of not only the dog but also the dog owner. Snoring might be something that can be overlooked for a few nights by unsuspecting owners, but the sleepless nights that come with it certainly aren’t. And with sleeplessness are its consequences: Fatigue, lack of concentration, and irritable mood – the perfect ingredients for a terrible day ahead!

More significantly, as with humans – snoring can indicate serious concerns that warrant investigation and interventions. It may be allergies, nasal obstruction, obesity, or even tumor or fungal disease, to name a few. So the next time you squeeze a pillow against your ears to dampen your dog’s loud snoring, why not check out first his breathing condition. You may be sleepless from his bothersome snoring, but truth be told, your dog doesn’t like sawing logs all night either. He may be even in a more distressing and uncomfortable situation than you are.

To know more about your dog’s snoring, check out this link for a comprehensive read: http://www.thedogdaily.com/health/illness/dog_snoring_health

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