VIDEO: The Worlds First Driving Dog

Well if you think you have seen it all, you might want to look at this super-fun video by TheDrivingDogs. This is an amazing demonstration of the level of training that a dog can handle, when partnered with a highly skilled trainer. Just wait ’til the part where the dog handles the turn, it’s pure delight! I promise you will laugh out loud. Unreal! How does he manage to look so chill?

The car was no doubt specially modified – and I’m sure that there are serious safety limits in place such as engine governing, and I’m also sure that there’s absolutely no way that you could do this on the street… but it makes you wonder whether in the future, all the chauffeurs will be hounds. For some reason it seems curiously appropriate. I’m picturing him honking and barking at someone cutting a wrong move in front of him.

Well, our canine friend seems to drift off the track by the end. I’m not sure that he has quite grasped the connection between steering and the direction of the car – but one day maybe he will be doing complete circuits.

I’m sure it most likely doesn’t need to be said but I’m going to say it anyway – don’t try this at home folks. Instead, just sit back and watch the fun form the comfort of your own home…. ok here’s the video:

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