VIDEO: Bulldog Father Meets Daughter First Time

Like father, like daughter! We found a very entertaining video by canterburybulldog on YouTube that stars an English Bulldog dad and his daughter. The father and daughter look so cute and the video is actually very funny! The dad looked like he’s going to freak out, probably asking himself why this tiny thing looked exactly like him. He looked like he didn’t know what to do so he crouched down and studied the strange puppy who’s guarding his bone. At some point, the father dog looked as if he wanted to play but the little one just barked at him (probably didn’t get the message). The puppy is such a sweet, adorable one and the dad’s behavior was priceless!

In case you are wondering why the puppy is only being introduced to the male for the first time – Canine mothers tend to be protective of their puppies during the first several weeks after birth. The males are generally unaware that their puppies are just too young to play. Thus, we should monitor the situation when daddy dog is interacting with the puppies because he may get too rough playing with the pups – because he cannot always tell when the puppies are ready to start engaging in normal dog social interaction. However, daddy dog doesn’t really play as the puppies’ father when the puppies are still young, partly because all he wants is to play with the puppies and also because mommy dog doesn’t allow him to get any closer. Mommy dog is the one who provides all the needs of the puppies while daddy dog becomes more involved later in training the puppies when they can already walk. Mommy and daddy dog teach their puppies the rules in dog life.

At some point in the video, daddy bulldog managed to tenderly pat his puppy daughter with his paw, perhaps thinking that she’s too tiny for a slap and that he would coax her into releasing his bone from being held hostage.

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