VIDEO: “Oh My God! He’s Dead!?”

Can cats and dogs really get along? The answer to that is a big, fat YES, so for those who already have a cute kitten but intend to bring a little puppy home as an additional companion, rejoice! True, a cat and a dog may have dissimilar backgrounds and ancestry, but these guys do know how to come to terms with each other. It tends to work best when the cat and the dog are introduced to each other at a young age (less than half a year for the kitten, whereas a year for the dog).

But a few pairs don’t – and just live up to the expression “to fight like cat and dog,” much to the dismay and frustration of their owners. Dogs chasing cats is a common problem, though this can be readily fixed with obedience training and teaching the dog self-control.

The issue roots in compatibility rather than on innate animosity, as a few people’s long-held belief about cat and dog relationship suggests. It’s actuall more like “I don’t like you because you are too annoyingly playful to be scaredy-cat’s buddy” than “I don’t like you because it’s what my genes dictate.”

Because both species communicate differently as regards “body language,” misinterpretations can occur along the way, and sometimes your pets settle the conflict with a battle between paws and claws or a showdown of growling and barking versus hissing and arching of the back. Good luck with your plans for a harmonious and relaxing day, owner!

Watch the video above by ignoramusky of a surprising chase between a cat and a dog to the tune of Tom and Jerry’s OST. But here the cat pulls off a unique but devilish trick on the dog that sure did fool it for quite some time! The feline prankster plays dead in the middle of the road. “Jesus! He’s dead!,” the naïve dog assumed – until the cat sprang back to life!

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