VIDEO: Cute Puppy Falling Asleep

Looking for the ideal dog? If being energetic, well mannered, long-coated, and charming is a criterion, one certain breed can rank high on the list: the best friend of all, the Golden Retriever. Golden retrievers are medium- to large-sized dogs very well known for sporting water-resistant, light golden or dark golden coats that are slightly wavy. In the old days, they were bred originally as companions / working dogs for hunting and shooting parties. Because of such purpose, “the goldens,” as they are occasionally nicknamed, were developed with a “soft mouth” to retrieve (hence their name) shot waterfowl and game birds undamaged – and with an inborn affinity for the water.

What’s more alluring about these dogs is that they can be easily trained to learn several obedience commands. They are fond of pleasing their masters, plus have a gentle and sociable temperament worthy of mention for a family dog. Rare it is to find a golden retriever who can resist fetching a stick for their owners. Being highly trainable, versatile, and intelligent, the golden often brings home the gold in every competition and conformation show it participates in. Golden retrievers are definitely worth their weight in gold, especially for their owners.

All thanks to Lord Tweedmouth, the dog breeder credited for creating the popular breed, the world enjoys the blessings, pleasure, and benefits one can derive from these trustworthy household companions. Here’s a video by chinze that would somehow explain why golden retrievers have gained so much fame and recognition in the United States:

This is Cooper, an adorable golden retriever puppy that preferred sleeping on the stairs rather than on his bed. He must have thought the stairs are more comfortable than his bed. Well, the big dogs living in the same roof with him think so… But seeing this sleepyhead just try melts anyone’s heart. Even the housekeeper couldn’t help herself from reveling in what she’s witnessing. Enjoy!

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