VIDEO: Tiger and Dog Are Best Friends

There are many examples of cats and dogs getting along in one household without animosity. Although both species have different histories and lineage – and possess different perspectives – cats and dogs share similarity in certain areas such as grooming and sniffing and can learn about each other through observation. They can cohabitate in harmony when compatibility issues are resolved quickly and when the two pets start off on the right foot at a young age – or, in this case, right paw. In fact, a first-of-its-kind scientific research from Tel Aviv University, Israel, indicated a friendly relationship between cats and dogs under the same roof in two-thirds of the homes the researchers had surveyed.

Think a dog and cat getting all amiable and mushy over each other is ordinary? Well, how about a dog and a tiger? Or, if you may want to put it, an overgrown 300-kilo kitty equipped with exceptionally strong teeth, muscular body, and a predatory instinct to feed on deer, wild boar, and other medium to large sized animals.

Categorically speaking, a domestic dog should in theory be a menu item for a wild tiger. For this reason it seems outrageous – and yet, this unlikely pair are clearly the best of friends. The Jack Russell Terrier of the Fernandez family is a surrogate mother to the motherless Bengal tiger adopted by the family and so bonded in a special way. This dog has therefore broken down the interspecies wall between him and Panjo, which is the tiger’s name. The dog playfully wrestles and frolics with the tiger as if it were just another dog. And then to see the tiger run off while the dog chases after it? Well, that’s quite extraordinary. According to the owner, the dog considers himself as both the parent and the best friend of Panjo. Certainly, this dog has some bold taste when it comes to choosing a best friend – and loads of guts to boot! I hope the tiger doesn’t get too hungry one day – but the owner clearly doesn’t think it a possibility.

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