VIDEO: How To Train Your Dog To Leave Your Cat Alone

Teaching your dog to stay away from your cat is not really a difficult task. Many experts and pet owners have discovered ways on how to let cats and dogs live harmoniously under the same roof without too much whining and chasing regularly.

First understand that it is the dog’s nature – as a hunting animal – to chase anything that moves. Even a small single light that moves can already get your dog chasing and running around. Dogs love to chase small and furry animals like your cats, and when it happens, you can expect total chaos inside the house. Apart from their noise, you might just get frustrated with the scattered objects and possible damage.

Researchers believe that there are two basic reasons on why dogs chase cats. First, they want to play. However, a problem occurs when too much playing begins to inflict harm to cats (or the home). Second, they may consider cats as potential prey. In such cases they will seek to harm the latter the moment they catch them.

One best way to prevent your dog from chasing cats is through the use of a reward system for every desirable behavior it shows. In reinforcing a positive behavior, you must have bunch of little great-tasting treats that would entice them to behave and follow your orders.

Whenever the dog stays away from looking at the cat, praise him and give him treats. And every time he ignores the cat, a reward is granted. Eventually, the dog learns that when he tries to stay away from looking or when he ignores them, rewards are coming. By so doing, you are teaching him to take cats as cue to behave in a desirable way in order to receive reward. But of course, this trick only works if the dog perceives that the satisfaction earned from the reward is greater than the satisfaction earned from chasing the cat. [2]

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How To Train Your Dog To Leave Your Cat Alone
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