VIDEO: The Famous Pug Head Tilt

Remember the dog Frank in the film Men In Black – and his furrowed flat face and bulging eyes, not to mention a big mouth that couldn’t be kept shut? He belongs to that stocky, happy-go-lucky dog breed that has waddled their way to popularity all over the world – the Pug. They were first petted by Tibetan Buddhist monks and were imported from China into Europe in the 16th century, but now are the chosen breed of even world-famous personalities, including Billy Joel, Paris Hilton, and Paula Abdul.

Pugs are small, thick-set dogs with a square-shaped, seemingly comical muzzle and large, prominent eyes. Pugs have so many distinctive features one couldn’t possibly mistake them for another breed. As if they were aware of their centuries-old history and noble lineage, pugs manifest big, strong-willed personalities despite their size. Their deeply wrinkled faces beam high spirits, and they are always on the mood for play and live action. In fact, they can become bored easily when there’s no variety in training.

Keeping a pug in the house is generally considered to be relatively easy. They require daily walks with their owners and some energetic activities to maintain their optimum heath.

We discovered a ridiculously cute example of why pugs are adored by their owners: In this video by The “Pug Head Tilt” Pugs!, three pugs – namely, Mabel, Minnie, and Max – give us a dose of how cuteness should truly be defined. These floppy ears tilt their heads as a response to the rising-pitch voice of their owner. Pugs tilt their heads to adjust their outer ears. This enables them to hear things more clearly and to focus on the sound location. Three heads are indeed better than one, as these pugs can undeniably get anyone’s attention with that entire almost-in-unison head-tilting act. If you are looking for a dog overloaded with charm, enthusiasm, and wits, a pug may be the right breed for you!

VIDEO - The Famous Pug Head Tilt - WP
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