VIDEO: Ultimate Dog Tease

“If you are my best friend, you will not be mad if I make fun of you…” And that is a such nice excuse.

Now we had a good laugh on this video and you will too. It’s a classic. This video by klaatu42 that we found on YouTube is really hilarious! Well dogs love to eat and we all know it. They are food obsessed! Have you tried teasing your dog by showing him some food? If you did, you know that he reacts by wagging his tail and barking energetically while eyeing the food on your hand like it is a winning lottery ticket. It is kind of a “cheap shot” to tease our dog with food but have you ever wondered what is behind their bark? What if he can talk? Do you know what he is going to tell you?

This video did a good job on that part. It earned over 140 million hits on YouTube with positive remarks! The dog in the video is really cute and adorable and a total entertainer. His facial expressions are utterly priceless! You will probably watch it over and over again and laugh in that same manner too (again and again).

The owner is teasing his dog about its favorite food and the dog is actually speaking its mind. The dog is probably asking his owner, “What kind of best friend are you?” And the owner will be like, “It’s okay doggie. After all, I saw you steal my food last time when you thought I wasn’t looking.”

Food is definitely the ultimate dog teaser. It is actually cute to make fun of them once in a while. It may seem mean to laugh at its frustration but, oh well, laughter is the best medicine right? (Just try telling that that to the dog!)

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