VIDEO: Training Your Dog To Walk To Heel On A Loose Leash

To walk to heel: It means to tell your dog to walk next to you. Not to lag behind or pull on the leash ahead of you, but to walk next to you. When you move, the dog moves and stays next to your left or right leg, and when you stop, your pooch also stops. Quite simple, eh? But it’s easier said than done for some dogs.

In application, this command proves to be a challenge for some people, with the dog ending up “taking the owner for a walk”. Some dogs have a seemingly endless amount of exploding energy, and even half-choking themselves on their collar doesn’t seem to deter them! From a dog’s perspective, leashes probably just seem like one giant hindrance to their activities and movements in the magnificent outdoors.

“What’s the rush, buddy?,” you may ask your dog. Well, your canine friend may simply be too animated and thrilled to go for a trip in the park or around the neighborhood. While excitement apparently isn’t a bad thing, leash pulling can be. Stand beside your dog and provide him a couple of minutes to calm down. Once he absorbs the idea that there’s no point in being worked up and overly excited, he can become more willing to walk calmly on his leash.

Walking your dog to heel may not be “a walk in the park” and may spell hard work, but that shouldn’t stop you from training your dog. With a bagful of patience and reinforcement, any dog can become the perfect strolling companion. And Dog Training In London can help you with that! Dog Training in London shares a systematic training video on how to teach the heel command to your dog without the need for any gadgets or painful restraints.

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