15 Worst Dog Breeds For New Owners

15 Worst Dog Breeds for New Owners - WP
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Although few will admit it, most first-time dog owners don’t know how to handle dogs. Of course when it’s your first time at anything, you could be forgiven for your lack of knowledge. But this is one subject in which many people are unaware that they may be even doing something wrong. It’s better to know which breeds are best and “least difficult” for new owners.

There are 339 breeds of dogs worldwide, which are recognized by World Canine Organization, to choose from! Dogs that look like cuddly teddy-bears with long, thick hair or fur seem attractive, indeed, but fluffiness or other handsome traits are not necessarily an indicator of personality. Some of them aren’t as easy to train as they look.

We found an article from Vetstreet that presents the 15 worst dog breeds for new pet owners according to veterinary experts. (The link to the original is at the end of our introduction). Since new owners are not that experienced yet in handling dogs, which means that they don’t have much knowledge regarding animal training, handling, petting and taming, it is encouraged not to choose the 15 dog breeds featured in the article.

Some dogs have certain innate traits that make them easier or more difficult to handle. There are dogs that never seem to “run out of batteries” and want constant physical activity. On the other hand, there are also those dogs that are contented with eating, playing and sleeping all day long. Some dogs have more energy than others and they want their energy to be spent on something, otherwise they will throw tantrums in varying degrees of severity. They do know how to seek attention when they want it and if you’re not ready to give him that much just yet, it’s probably best to settle for a more homely dog.

The subject of whether you have another pet at home, like a cat for instance, is something that should be considered too. Not all dogs are friendly to cats, and training them to play nicely together is often do-able but takes some skill. Some dogs even have predatory instincts so if you don’t want your house to turn into massive chaos, better think twice before purchasing a more difficult animal.

Ok, here is the original article listing the 15 breeds: http://www.vetstreet.com/our-pet-experts/not-for-newbies-veterinary-experts-choose-15-worst-breeds-for-new-pet-owners

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