VIDEO: Cute Boxer Puppy Gets Confused

The Boxer is one agile, high-spirited breed that can certainly paint a smile on anyone’s face with its exploding energy and competitive obedience. The breed is aptly named because of its distinctive manner of playing, standing on its hind legs and seemingly “punching” using its front paws as if on a sparring match. Some historians however contend that boxers derive their name from the German word “boxl,” their slaughterhouse designation when they were still butcher’s dogs in Germany. Sad, but true.

The boxer is a well-respected boxing belt holder among his peers of guardian and working dogs. Looking at it, it doesn’t take long to know why. With such athleticism and powerful build, they have a prestigious history of being the first dog breeds to be employed as police and military dogs in Germany, where they have been developed. Their markedly shaped square heads and undershot jaw aren’t just for show either, as these bestow the boxer a strong grip to firmly hold on to its prey – and, in today’s contexts, suspicious strangers and thieves.

Think the boxer is the right breed for you? Well, better know you what you are getting into! 😉 Here is Harvey, an adorable boxer puppy confused as to where his “mummy” is. Actually, the lady was just calling over the phone, but poor Harvey perceives it differently, thinking his female owner was in the garden or somewhere near.

Boxers are intelligent dogs and enjoy learning new things eagerly. They are affectionate and loyal to their owners too, so it’s no surprise cute, little Harvey is always on his toes to welcome and play with his human buddy. Boxers command not only time and companionship but also a great deal of physical and mental exercise and activity. These 70-pound (or more) wrinkled-faced dogs appreciate it when they are kept busy.

VIDEO- Cute Boxer Puppy Gets Confused - WP
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