Video: Mishka The Dog Says “I Love You”

Mishka is a “celebrity canine” who has rocketed to fame through his / her vocal talents and ability to do surprisingly good (if somewhat random) renditions of simple phrases.. as well as some very cute howling. Also – let’s be honest here – Mishka has very good looks (those eyes!)… always a useful attribute in showbiz! 😉 This is Mishka’s most famous video and has been seen over 86 million times.

Mishka is a Siberian Husky – a breed of dog that was originally bred to work as part of a team pulling sleds through wild snow regions. Nowadays, many huskies are kept as pets rather than as working dogs – though as their history is one of being working dogs, they like to run and race – and should ideally be given daily training.

There are several related arctic breeds – the Alaskan Malamute (heavier set in general), The Siberian Husky (slimmer and faster, and can sometimes have blue or even two different colored eyes), the Samoyed (white and extremely fluffy!) and the American Eskimo (also white).

Siberian Huskies are well known for howling rather than barking. They are also considered an affectionate breed and good with children – in fact the Chukchi people (Siberia) kept them as guardians and companions for children.

I think Mishka is so adorable! Would you love a dog like this? I certainly would! Let us know what you think in the comments, and please join our Facebook Page where we share the best dog pics, videos and tutorials that we find! 🙂

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