Video: Wet Dog Berates Owner For Giving It A Bath

This is a very hilarious video of a dog which just had its bath. What makes this video very funny is that the dog seemed to be talking and berating its owner for giving it a bath. This dog definitely hates baths!

Viewers notice that the words seemed to be spoken by the dog because the narration coincides the movement of the dog’s mouth. The dialogue was very cleverly done and viewers were treated to a very hilarious conversation between the dog and its owner. It is as if viewers were listening to a dialogue straight out of a Walt Disney animation film.

The dog was evidently unhappy with its wet fur and it showed in its expressions. This video has earned millions of views and viewers were definitely very entertained with the hilarious way that the dog moved around coupled with the funny dialogue that ensued.

Dogs generally hate baths! Well, we even know of people who share the same conviction. But, why do dogs hate taking a bath even though they love to swim?

Here are some explanations to make us understand the situation better:

Firstly, while this does not apply to all dogs, most of them hate the sound and appearance of running water. Curiously, some dogs are terrified by the sight of running water, and much more, bathing with the use of running water from faucets. Vets suggest an outdoor bath using a hose instead.

Secondly, dogs are annoyed by shampoos with strong fragrances. Most people do not even know this – but it is another reason why dogs abhor taking a bath. Vets suggest that you use a mild canine shampoo that is unscented or has a subtle scent. Don’t use products that are originally made for people as they may contain ingredients that are harmful for canine fur and skin.

Wet Dog
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