White Shiba Inu Puppy

This video shows a very cute Shiba Inu puppy that is comfortably laying on its owners lap. I could just watch this video all day! The little guy is just so adorable. Who wouldn’t want to own a puppy as cute as this one?

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you probably know Doge, a super popular internet meme. Doge is of the Shiba Inu breed!

Shiba Inus were originally bred as hunters to go after boars, birds, and bears. They also have dense undercoats, which allow them to withstand cold temperatures, a helpful trait for a hunting dog. Did you know that they almost went extinct? During World War II, Japan’s focus wasn’t on dog breeding, and as a result, the Shiba breed suffered. After nearly going extinct, Shibas were brought back using the only three remaining bloodlines: the San In Shiba, the Mino Shiba, and the Shiba Shu Shiba.

Their personality can be summed up in three Japanese words:

1. Kan-I which refers to the breed’s alertness and bravery; this awareness and confidence makes the Shiba a perfect watchdog.
2. Ryosei meaning being good-natured, loyal, and obedient.
3. And finally, soboku describes their easy, natural good looks. Yep, they truly are a good looking bunch.

Shiba Inus can be a little standoffish around strangers, but they are incredibly loyal to their families. A distinguishing characteristic of the breed is the so-called “shiba scream”. When provoked or unhappy, the dog will produce a loud, high pitched scream.

Shiba Inu White Puppyimage © http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-kIJqXLMLwc

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