101 Awesome Tips On How To Be A Responsible Dog Owner

101 Awesome Tips On How To Be A Responsible Dog Owne-WP

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We found a great page with 101 tips on responsible dog ownership. The link follows after our commentary.

To keep a dog as a pet is one thing, but to be a responsible owner to a canine companion is another; and there’s quite an art to it, all things considered. For example, whereas a dog owner provides his dog daily meals, a responsible dog owner takes two or more steps further and looks into what constitutes a non-obesity-inducing, nutritionally balanced, healthy dog meal. A dog owner ensures his canine buddy nestles on a comfortable bed, but a responsible dog owner not only provides shelter for his dog but also commits to time-to-time veterinary care for his pet, a household free of dog poisons, and a lifestyle that includes exercise, play, and training.

Pet ownership is a privilege that entails both investment and commitment. It requires money for the food, dog supplies, toys and goodies, vaccinations and a great deal of time to get to know and bond with your pet. More than the food, water, and shelter, a prospective dog owner should be responsible enough to provide adequate exercise and stimulation, training and socialization, and – most importantly – a relationship grounded on friendship, trust, and love. With all these, one can reasonably arrive at the conclusion that the idea of dog ownership shouldn’t be born out of sheer whim. Yes, the benefits to reap from dog keeping are perhaps as many as the number of existing dog breeds. But if you are likely to slack on your obligations, you might do well to reconsider the idea of caring for a dog.

The American Kennel Club (AKC) reminds all dog owners of their duties to their four-legged pals. The AKC is actually a nonprofit registry of purebred dogs in the United States. With helping dog owners (or would-be dog owners) to raise happy dogs as a goal in mind, the AKC lists some of the ways one can be the best pet owner for your dog: http://www.akc.org/public_education/responsible_dog_owner.cfm

Do you want the easiest, fastest way to an obedient dog? Watch this video:

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